Fix and Flip

We offer short-term mortgages to buy and renovate properties with up to 30 units. We support new and experienced investors with interest rates from 7.25%.

Property Types

1-4 unit single family homes, townhouses, condominiums, apartments from 5-30 units
Urban or suburban location (no rural properties)

Loan Features┬╣

$100,000 to $2 million
Up to 90% loan to cost, 75% loan to value
Renovation holdback for 100% of budget
6, 12 or 18-month loan term
90% Loan to Value and 70% ARV
Interest Rates from 10.25%
Points from 1.00%

Other Details

Loans made to entities
Personal guarantee usually required
Experience real estate investors
Credit score over 660, no recent foreclosures or bankruptcies
Close with exterior brokers price opinion, if needed

Renovation Draws

Minimum of $10,000 draw
Lien releases and virtual project walkthrough (third party inspection not required)
2-3 day timeline from draw request to funding

1 This is not an offer to extend credit. Loan terms, interest rate, origination points, and fees are based on loan to cost, loan to value, investing experience, credit history, and other factors. Additional criteria may apply, and all details are subject to change without notice.